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First and foremost as a teacher, I wish to make flute playing a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Especially as all of our lives get busier and crazier, I believe there is so much to be gained from making the time to learn and play music. I recognize that all of my students have different goals in their flute playing, and lessons are therefore structured based on the individual needs of each student. Our time is spent on a mix of technique, repertoire, theory, and creativity. 


    While my approach to teaching is largely shaped by my own classical training, I also encourage students to pursue any and all music that they are interested in playing. I like to take a very open-minded approach to learning repertoire- there is always something to be learned from a piece. 


    Each Spring, students take part in our annual recital, where each student is encouraged to perform a solo piece with piano accompaniment. This is my favorite event of the year, and I think most of my students and parents would agree! During the school year, students also have the opportunity to take part in chamber music and various other playing opportunities, including our annual nursing home Holiday Music concert.



Lessons are taught at Natasha's home music studio in Bloomfield, NJ. Rates for students joining mid-year are pro-rated. 

Please contact me for a copy of my policies, rates, and expectations. I ask that both students and parents familiarize themselves with and sign the document prior to beginning lessons. 

I am also available for masterclasses, chamber coaching, and workshops.


Thanks! Message sent.

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